Tuesday, March 12, 2013

rent a midget law of supply and demand

LAVISH dwarf entertainment

yes, the law of supply and demand enters into the search for dwarf talent

for every 40,000 (that’s forty thousand, count them) people, there is ONLY 1 (one) dwarf, “little people” or midget in your everyday life. take for example your walk out at the local mall last weekend, out of the thousands of people that you crossed paths with on your way to Cabela’s, Victoria’s Secret or Bed, Bath and Beyond, how many dwarfs, midgets or munchkins did you run into?  we can fathom a guess here… you did not run into a single “little people,” save maybe one.

so, for every 11 (eleven) dwarfs, “little peoples” or midgets, there are / is ONLY 9%, (nine percent or ONLY 1 (one) dwarf talent, “little people” or midgets) that are entertainers, actors and/or talent in the dwarf entertainment business.  not all dwarfs and assorted munchkins are in the acting & entertainment business.  others are fast food employees, unemployed, dispatchers, teachers, cow hands, store managers, bank tellers, lawyers, waitresses, seamstresses and a whole myriad of other occupations.

that translates into our need to find your one dwarf talent amongst 440,000 people.

hence, the law of supply & demand dictates that dwarf talent is LAVISH dwarf entertainment.


Friday, February 22, 2013

midget pickles renamed 'little people pickles'

For release: Immediately
Classic Pickle Group

"Holding true to Political Correctness since 1854!”

To draw attention to their roll in community life, The Classic Pickle Company has announced a bold move to maintain political correctness by renaming their Sweet Midget Pickles. The company has announced that starting next month, the pickles would be renamed, "Little People" Pickles in respect to the short statured community.

Using an age old form of media, the company is proud of it's reputation of respect and employment for people of all nationalities, races, ethnicities, colors, sexual persuasion and religious backgrounds.
Proving itself as just not another pickle company, Classic moves to the forefront with this bold step to rename it's Sweet Midget Pickles (manufactured since 1854) as "Little People" Pickles. Danny Black was quoted to say, "The new pickles will have that same classic look and taste while respecting short statured people outside the nomenclature of pickle names." There is no doubt however that the pickles size (averaging 100-101 mm long) helps stimulate the interest of the buying public.

Sure, the pickle's size fascinates the buying public,” says Danny Black philosophically, “but what you do with that initial fascination is what distinguishes a true gourmet pickle from one that simply looks cute and short.

You can buy "Little People" Pickles at your local grocery or retailer starting on St. Patrick's day, March 17.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

fantasy football draft - players or talent

are you having a fantasy football draft in the coming weeks?  how were you looking to take your sports event over the top?  when were you thinking of adding some dwarf talent into the mix?  how about a rent a midget that could bring your center, linemen, offensive guard, offensive guard, offensive tackle, receivers, quarterback, running back, fullbacks, wingback, slotback, wide receiver, flanker, slot receiver, tight end, fullback, split end, linemen, defensive tackle, defensive end, linebackers, middle linebacker, defensive backs, cornerbacks, safeties, nickelbacks, dimebacks, linebackers, defensive lineman, safety, nose tackle, kicker, placekicker, holder, punter, long snapper, punt returner, kick returner, upback, blocking back, gunner to life?  how about a tight end?

or even more appropriate in keeping with the rent a midget idea... how about a halfback for your fantasy football draft?

whatever position you would like our little people, dwarf talent or rent a midget to play in your fantasy football draft, get a hold of us ASAP, so you won't be left short this football season...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

real live dwarfs - snow white and the huntsman

word on the street is that snow white & the huntsman DID use little people, midgets and dwarf actors after all. they just cropped in english (UK) actors heads. go figure, that's dwarf entertainment.

PS we were unable to catch matt roloff on don lemon saturday night on CNN, so hopefully he helped make the correction then.

Friday, June 8, 2012

snow white and the huntsman & ticked off rent a midget - rent a dwarf talent

of course dwarf talent, midgets & "little people" actors / entertainment were overlooked when they cast Snow White and the Huntsman!

we're guessing nobody saw eye to eye on this! it was a business decision and here the ticked off little stinkers; warwick davis, danny woodburn, gary arnold, et. al are taking it as a low blow! get over it and move on! welcome to hollywood!

sometimes, you're just going to come up short and not get cast for all the "auditions" in life... 99% of the opportunities that are presented to us never come to fruition. we concentrate on booking the other 1%. because of that, we are busier then ever booking dwarf talent for event entertainment, promotional marketing and on camera talent appearances.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

rent a midget - memorial day, fourth of july, labor day holiday fun; baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and chevrolet...

what can be more fun for this summer holiday season than baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and chevrolet than the addition of rent a midget fun for this memorial day, fourth of july, labor day holidays and all the other summer "holidays" you have planned in the coming months?  what do you have scheduled for your summer solstice party this year? the longest day of the year.  how about midgets and giants, from one extreme to the next...

our dwarf talent can provide dwarf entertainment for your holiday party in any variety of duties or roles... they can meet and greet with your guests, mix and mingle, serve drinks, serve food, help do the weber grill thing with hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, little weenie roast, escort guests into the party, just about anything.  you name it.

most importantly though, is that you book your "little people" and dwarf talent with plenty of advance notice as our summer holiday months are some of our busiest times of the year... so call today so you're not left short!